Mobile phone is 10x dirtier than a toilet seat! Clean it the right way!


Have you ever thought that your phone can be 10 times dirtier than a public toilet seat!? No kidding! Studies suggest that cellphones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats, bacteria builds up as we rarely clean our cellphones. Hmm, does that make you wonder if you are better off pressing a toilet seat to your face than a cell phone? (GOSH..)

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Most of the time, we don’t really include cleaning our phones as part of our cleaning routines. Not to mention about using antibacterial substance to wipe our phone screen. Yet, think about the bacteria that build up day by day. Invisible to our eyes, we touch and press our ears against all the bacteria on our phone screen.

WHOOSH! – the next generation of phone cleaning agent. an easy way for you to practice good tech hygiene on the go.


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WHOOSH! Screen Shine is a superior, powerful, non-toxic cleaner specifically designed to clean, polish & protect your cell phone screens and electronics devices. With this small bottle, you can totally keep your tech & gadgets clean & looking new. Anytime, anywhere.

WHOOSH!vs Water

I bet all of you have the experience of using water or wet tissue to clean your phone screen. While the screen does look clean after wiping, plain water do not sanitize your phone screen. If you wonder why we need cleaner like WHOOSH!, stay on and see what is the difference between using WHOOSH! and water to clean phone screens.

Before cleaning,

the bacteria level of these two phones is almost similar.

 In the cleaning process,

the phone on the left is cleaned using WHOOSH! while the phone on the right is cleaned using water.

图片来源:传送门 As a result, WHOOSH! removes up to 98% of the bacteria!

But water could only eliminate half of the bacteria.

WHOOSH! makes your mobile phone screen like new again

It removes dirt, dust, grime, makeup and skin oils while leaving a nano-thin, invisible coating that resists fingerprints and dirt buildup.

 Disinfection effect can last for 24 hours!

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WHOOSH! will not cause any damage to your screen and is guaranteed to be safe for ALL types of screens.

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Apply WHOOSH! to devices used by your kids, to provide your kids a hygienic environment & equipment for their health.

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Other than mobile phones & tables, you can use WHOOSH! to wipe your TV screen as well as PC / Laptop screens.

(source from: 11street)

Interested? Click the below link to purchase this powerful screen cleaner that keep your tech gadgets clean and hygienic!

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WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner

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