The ultimate invention to hold things and elegant solution to Fix Anything, Anywhere.

fixate gel pads

Always forgetting where you keep your keys? Hate the hard stain from double-faced tape or blue tack whenever you remove your stuff from the wall? Not to mention the ugly holes left behind by drilling nail into the wall to hang things?

You need an all-in-one solution for sticking things onto the wall!


Fix Anything, Anywhere!

Fixate Gel Pads is said to be the “most versatile utility gel pad”. Strong, Durable, Malleable, and extremely Versatile with a minimalist design, this small little pad can save so much of your time and energy to organise your messy desk, to hold your phone firmly against any surface and prevent the tragedy of toppled coffee cup.

Simply toss it on any surface and it will immediately perform its incredible stickiness, regardless the texture of the surface. Fixate Gel Pads are thin and malleable, which makes them great for sticking unusual items with irregular shapes like keys, cables and even Go-Pro!Perfect for the home with mischievous children hopping up and down around the dining table and living room

Holding heavy bottle is just a piece of cake
With Fixate, you can now hold your smart devices firmly on any surface while you can sit back to watch the videos, video calling and take a selfie hand-freely. And your mum can now watch drama or cooking tutorial while preparing your dinner! Easy to stick, easier to take it off – without any trace/residue left behind. By simply rinsing it with lukewarm water and leaving it to air dry, Fixate pad can regain its maximum adhesiveness as if it was “renewed”. The top-notch quality of the materials used allows Fixate gel pad to have an extended lifespan.

The secret behind the powerful grasp of the Fixate pad is its flexible solid gel texture, which maximises the contacted surface area to enhance the viscosity of it!
fixate gel pads for iphoneThe shapes that are available are round and triangle. However, you can cut it into whatever shapes you prefer or as you see fit to your application.

fixate gel pads 2 in 1 pack original series

fixate gel pads for car
Fixate pads are completely safe to use under direct sunlight and high temperatures too – it doesn’t melt or deform even under 100℃! So no worries to use them as a phone mount in your car.

The fact that Fixate gel pad allows endless possibilities of attaching things to. It is actually the best way to save you from hassle and waste of time to find your key or to clean up the tipped-over hot Milo.

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Disclaimer: Fixate Gel Pads are super sticky, however if the object your trying to fix is really heavy or expensive you should use more than one Fixate Gel Pad to securely hold your object to the desired surface. Another important factor affecting the overall strength capabilities of the design is the surface type and shape you are trying to stick to. The same applies for the surface of the object you are securing, as a rule of thumb the more surface area the better. Fixate Gel Pads, Frosted Concepts and any related persons or groups are not liable in anyway for any damage to your belongings, surfaces or self when using Fixate Gel Pads.

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