Ultimate Trick To Keep Shoes Look Brand New For Years

How many times have you feel the ache of getting your newly bought white sneakers miserably stained, every single time when you accidentally stepped on a puddle?
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No matter how many times you wash it, there is always some stubborn stains that just can’t be gotten rid of.


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Sad not, here’s the good news for you:


SupBro Ultra Spray is a shoe protective spray powered by revolutionary Nano Technology and a must for all shoes! It creates an invisible protective layer that prevents water, sauces, stains and dirt from messing up your kicks.

Treated surfaces will repel most liquids, making cleaning a swift.

Simply spray on the surface of your shoes and TA-DAA! It instantly became a waterproof shoe, resisting all those filthy little droplets of rain and mud!

Before vs. After

Even after prolonged soaking, the SupBro Ultra Spray still managed to keep the shoes under a sealed condition – yes, it is amazing!

This secret weapon will make life soooooooo much easier – ease cleaning, cost saving, and most importantly, you can now wear your shoes fearlessly even in the rainy season!

Wait a minute, it doesn’t rain everyday in Malaysia right? I do not think buying SupBro is necessary then…

But hey, you never know what’s going to happen.. A piece of french fries with ketchup fell and stained your shoes, some coffee dripped on your shoes because the lit wasn’t tight enough, someone accidentally stepped on you…

Not even the evilly greasy sauce can penetrate it!

Supbro spray works perfectly on all kinds of canvas and leather surfaces, including net mesh and the high-maintenance-needed suede boots! (PS: the effect will be less prevalent for net mesh with large holes though.)

Is it difficult to use? Not at all.



DONE! Easy-peasy!

Depending upon usage, this durable treatment can last for approximately 2 weeks. 300ml of SupBro shoe spray can be used for approximately 15 pairs of shoes.

What about other shoe spray in the market?

In comparison to other similar products, with the use of Nano Technology, SupBro provides better air-permeability and takes much shorter time for it to be well air-dried.

Here’s another good news for YOU!

For first 100 customers, you are entitled to the promotional price of RM70 (original price RM88) per bottle! Free delivery to West Malaysia for purchase of 2 bottles and above!!

Interested? Click the below link to purchase this ultimate spray that keep you hassle-free and your shoes looking brand new!

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