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The Old Town White Coffee

Any trip to Ipoh is not complete without savouring the local white coffee. There are a lot of places in Malaysia being referred as the “Old Town” as a result of more new and upcoming areas being developed each year. About 100 years ago, when Ipoh was still under the British colonial times, a fire burst out in Ipoh city centre (the now Ipoh Old Town). Ever since the incident, the colonial council decided to build rows of shops to develop a new town across the river, on the opposite of the current Old Town.

The Signature White Coffee from Ipoh has brought fame to the Ipoh Old Town worldwide. In contrary to the usual coffee beans, white coffee is roasted without adding corn and sugar, resulting in a less dark roast, milder hint of charcoal scent, and lesser in acidity and bitterness. White coffee is always served with milk, you will find no black coffee (Kopi-O) served using white coffee beans. Though with the expansion of “Old Town” coffee chain and 3-in-1 instant coffee packs available everywhere, you should definitely make a trip down to Ipoh for the most authentic flavour of Ipoh White Coffee!


Ipoh Old Town Kopitiams – The Heaven of Chinese Food

What makes Ipoh Old Town special? None other than the Chinese eating culture here! Rows and rows of old shoplots that were built before the war times, this is where you can find endless of delicious food that will satisfy your taste bud for sure! While the Southern Malaysian calls it “Kopitiam”, the local Ipoh calls it “Cha Shi (茶室)” or “Kopi Cha Bou (Kopi 茶铺)”. The Old Town area is where you can find the most numbers of coffee shop available! And if you are looking for the best among the best, here is 3 coffee shop that you should definitely visit – Nam Heong, Sun Yoong Loong and Thean Chun.

Other than its infamous white coffee, Nam Heong is also popular for its egg tart. You’d be surprised to find pairing Nam Heong white coffee with egg tart more satisfying that pairing cappuccino with a slice of cheese cake. Located on the opposite, Sun Yoong Loong is also famous for its white coffee, as well as its charcoal toasted bread!

When it comes to Thean Chun, on top of the white coffee, there are lots of other food choices for you to choose from! If you are allergic to coffee, the Egg Tea (whole egg boiled together with the tea) at Thean Chun is another must try item! The sweet steamed egg is also another specialty of Thean Chun, well known for its creamy egg texture and strong caramel taste. The Chicken Hor Fun is also one of the best I have ever tried too. Err, caution note: be ready to wait for a long time to be served though. You can also find pork satay here too, a delicacies less available in the Southern parts of Malaysia. Next to the Thean Chun coffee shop is the Kong Heng coffee shop. Also selling white coffee, steamed egg and egg tea, the most recommended food would be Popiah!

Other than these few coffee shops in Old Town, Chang Jiang coffee shop is another coffee shop worth mentioning. It is not located in the Old Town area and started its business at Jalan Pasir Puteh. Now, Chang Jiang White Coffee has entered its second generation at the helm. From a traditional family business, the coffee shop is now operated in a more commercialised way. Of course, the food and  coffee here have always maintained its good flavour too. However, I do miss the old times when the old boss was around to make the strong robusty flavoured white coffee ice for his customers!


Coffee lovers, take a trip down to Ipoh to savour all these for yourself!Don’t forget to tag your friends too!


Translated from: 怡保旧街场这3间咖啡店,才是白咖啡真正的味道!(不要去错!)

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