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The Food Heaven in Asia – Round up of the best representatives of a typical Malaysian delicacies!

Malaysia is a melting pot of culture, with different races living harmoniously together. Naturally, there would be a diverse ‘food culture’ as well! If you are wondering: where to bring your foreign friend on a food adventure in Malaysia to let them experience the complexity of Malaysian characteristics, you...

The most authentic white coffee you can find in Ipoh Old Town

Cover Image via: COOK MAGAZINE The Old Town White Coffee Any trip to Ipoh is not complete without savouring the local white coffee. There are a lot of places in Malaysia being referred as the "Old Town" as a result of more new and upcoming areas being developed each year. About 100...

Tilapia: The common home-cooking dish for four different countries.

Cover Image via: Livable Future Malaysian foodies are familiar with tilapia; it’s not only highly accessible with a cheap price but it also tastes delicious, that’s why Tilapia becomes the common dish among Malaysians. But do you know where does it come from? Undoubtedly Tilapia comes from Africa but you might not...