【Buying new home?】4 tips to pick a Good Feng Shui House!

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Buying a home is an important decision and it is always the best to keep the family live together happily. However, it is also possible to accidentally purchase a wrong house, which will cause you suffer after moving in, and affecting the harmony in the family. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a home, you must learn how to pick a great Feng Shui house!

Feng Shui Tips 1: Landform should be based on the idea of “gathering the wind and harnessing the energy”

One phrase that people often apply to Feng Shui is “gathering the wind and harnessing the energy”. So, what kind of ideal site that match with this phrase? According to the “Book of Burial”, an ideal site which matches this phrase should be “the left as Green Dragon, the right as White Tiger the front as Red Phoenix, the back as the Xuan Wu”, which means a house should be supported by hills at the back and have a clear uncluttered area in front which should ideally include a slow meandering river (pond or lake) and a distance low mountain, surrounded by hill formation on the left and right. In fact, it is already suits with the phrase if the land or building at the back is higher than the land or building in front, and the land or building at the left is higher than the land or building at the right.


Feng Shui Tips 2: Take note on roads that lead to the house

屋子周边的道路 风水

Do not forget to look at the direction and location of road in front of the house, as it will affect its aura and landscape. Therefore, be mindful about it the pathway that leads to your house, which Feng Shui is consider good if the pathway is bending around the house instead of bending away from the house. Besides, avoid houses located at intersection or a straight road facing your entrance.


Feng Shui Tips 3: Do not live too near to flyovers and railways

Speeding vehicles on flyovers (also called overpass) and trains on railways will cause noise nuisance and impact air-flow. This seems to cut into your house and the “Qi”(energy) turns lethal, affecting the health and luck of all residents in the house, which is not a good house from the perspective of Feng Shui. Road hitting the entrance denotes the occupants of the property will experience robbery and misfortune. Therefore, try not to purchase house that is near to flyovers.


Feng Shui Tips 4: Check the direction of river or water flow surrounding your house

屋子 河流 风水

A good Feng Shui formation should be “surrounded by mountains and girdled by rivers” and “water curves and circulates around the properties”. The best stream, according to Feng Shui, is the one surrounded or curved to hug the house. However, if you ever notice, houses nowadays are built along the river (or monsoon drains), not hugged or surrounded by water. In the case streams beside the house, it is suggested that the house should be located at the right of the water, and water should be flowing clockwise. The opposite direction is not recommended, because it will dry the positive effects of home.

Translated from: [买屋子必看!] 不懂风水不是问题,四个简单的要诀教你挑个风水好房!

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