The 6 Most Popular Wedding Bouquets For Your Wedding

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The day when a girl walks down the aisle in the white wedding gown and glamorous make up is every girl’s dreams come true. But wait, if you happened to carry a bridal bouquet that doesn’t complement your gown, it’s going to affect the your whole bridal look! When it comes to choosing bridal bouquet, it is important to take the style, flower arrangement and bouquet colours into consideration. Now,let’s take a ride down to find the best matching bouquet that complements your wedding gown!

There are different styles of wedding bouquets such as cascade, posy, hand-tied, round bouquet and so on. And they are perfect for different styles of wedding gown!


Cascade bouquet

The dramatic cascade bouquet features a “waterfall” of flowers that drapes down the front of the arrangement. This type of bouquet makes a strong style statement, so make sure to keep your gown and other accessories simple.

This type of bouquet is suitable for tall brides, and best paired with white wedding gowns. It is suited for ankle-length and straight wedding gown. The overall style emphasize on slim, graceful and elegant look.


Posy bouquet


A  classic and popular choice for brides, posy bouquet resembles a round bouquet, with the exception of longer flower stems.


Delicate and understated, this bouquet can be carried in just one hand and often are adorned with velvet trim and pearl pins. This bouquet is suited for almost all types of gown, and feature most flowers too.


Posy bouquets are small enough to be held in the hands and feature mostly flowers. These types of bouquets typically feature a rounded shape and are wrapped with ribbon.


Depending on the flowering season, you may even create your own unique style of posy bouquet!


Hand-carry bouquet

Hand-carry bouquet can be either pomander bouquet or basket bouquet. Perfectly round spheres of blooms form the sweet pomander bouquet, which includes a ribbon handle at the top for carrying or displaying.  If you are creative enough, you can also make an asymmetrical pomander, where different types of flowers are grouped together and make the ball.手拎型捧花

They are well suited for petite bride, and are usually paired with informal short wedding gown or wedding gown with puffed sleeves. On the contrary, such bouquet with ribbon handle is not suitable for formal gown or long tailed wedding gown. White jasmine is best for such bouquet!


Round bouquet

If you are having an outdoor wedding ceremony or if you would like something lovely and natural, go for round bouquet! The perfect domes of round bouquets are best for brides who more of a “cute girl” type.

Round bouquet is more suited for petite bride, and narrow waist or dropped waist gown.



Arm Sheaf Bouquet

Crafted with long-stemmed flowers or foliage, this bouquet is carried down the aisle resting in the bride’s arms almost they way you might carry a baby. This bouquet design focuses on simplicity and hence, it is sometimes used with only two or three stalks of flowers.

This is a more sophisticated design, without much detail in it, it is suited for straight cut or A cut gown. Usually a mix of subdued colours, this bouquet makes the bride looks lithe. Thus, it’s also suited for brides with bigger body build.

Mixing wild natural plants with ribbons will absolutely makes a perfect rustic flower bouquet that is perfect for outdoor wedding.


Succulent bouquet

A succulent bouquet is a great way to make a statement at your wedding!

The best part is you can save the succulents from your bouquet and create a succulent garden with them! Then you’ll be able to keep a beautiful memory of your wedding in your home for years.

Succulent plants have parts that are thick and fleshy, giving the additional texture and dimension to the bouquet. It is perfect for outdoor or even on the grass wedding.

Choosing succulent plants is not that difficult too. Once you have chosen your wedding gown, take your pick of flowers that are of similar shades to your gown to form the main arrangement. From here, choose a few succulent plants as decorations and tadaa, your perfect bouquet is done!

With all the gorgeous styles of bouquet above, hich bouquet is speaking your style? Share it out to your friends and get their opinions!

Translated from: 婚礼当天不NG,6款新娘手花要这么搭才漂亮!

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