6 Bridal Trend of 2017 For Every Bride-to-be

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Every little girl dreams of her wedding day, when she is a princess for a day in a beautiful white gown, walking on rose petals and dancing with her prince charming. Of all these, wedding dress makes the most significant highlight of their big day. For every bride-to-be, here’s the top 6 bridal trend of 2017 to prepare you to be the prettiest and trendiest bride of 2017!


1Soft Touch

In the 2017 Spring/Summer gown colour, we noticed many coloured wedding gown aside the usual white wedding gown. The choices of these somewhat bold colours in wedding gowns turned out to be surprisingly more soft looking than the usual white wedding dress. Riding on the pastel colours trend this year, these alternatives to all that ivory and cream are still softly feminine.  In shades of blush, lilac, and mint, these wedding dress brings out the feminine and elegance of the brides.


2Barely Bare


Who says brides are not allowed to show off their captivating sexiness? Looking to show off the results of your pre-wedding workout routine? How to bare your body parts that makes you look great with the right amount of elegance without being overly revealing? The bevy of bold cut out details, such as cropped waist dress to show off your tiny waist will definitely make a great statement for your bridal look. Some might think that “showing off your body” means something that is very tight fitting and too revealing, truth is, barely bare is the gist of sensuality. (Psst. Mother-in-law is not gonna be grumpy since it’s not really that revealing!)


3The Long and Short of it


With the rising trends of beach wedding and garden wedding, if you are looking at outdoor wedding and you would love to join in the dancing session with your guests, a short wedding would be the perfect choice! Not only it gives the flexibility of the brides to walk around freely, the uneven length of the wedding dress is another interesting detail for brides who’d like something other than the classic long tailed (heavy) wedding dress!


4High Necklines

Ready-to-wear’s taste for Victoriana in the past few seasons is gradually trickling down to bridal styles—as evidenced by these prettily prim high necklines. An intricate lace collar royally elevates this ball gown. Petals cascade all the way down the full skirt to the fanciful ruffle hem. Gowns with higher necklines can lend a mysterious and graceful touch to a bride’s wedding day style.


5Cold Shoulders No More

The classic wedding gown are usually sleeveless. We don’t usually see brides baring their arms or shoulders in their wedding gown. Well, if you don’t have the time to train your body to have slim neckline and shoulder like models, 2017 Spring/Summer trend features streamer sleeves and bridal capes! An ethereal lace detail, layers of gathered ruffle overlays,  or even a fluttering capelet is perfect for a charmingly demure final touch. Best part? You can cover the less flattering parts of your body!


6Pantsuits and Jumpsuits for Brides


If you are not the typical girlish kind of girl or if your style is non-traditional, it’s okay to say No to wedding dress. The appearance of pantsuits into the bridal scene has given more choices to the brides. With  the added bonus of being plenty comfortable, this is also a breakthrough of gender stereotyping. There’s no denying that a pair of crisp trousers looks impeccably chic and classy when swaying down the aisle, making just as big of a statement as any ball gown would. Streamlined cutting that is chic and refined, with elegant pleats and a tailored button-down and round collar; or flared trousers with sheer mesh and lace top for the romantic touch, these pantsuits are just as good to make the brides look sexy and sophisticated.


Ladies, it’s your call now. Which one do you like most? Comment below and share it out to your bffs!


Translated from: 【新娘手册】2017年6大婚纱趋势,让你做个最美的新娘!

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