2018 Auspicious Wedding Date to Get Married! Get Your Wedding Ready!

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Following our previous sharing on the auspicious dates to get married in 2017, we received lots of response from our readers requesting for the auspicious dates in 2018. Well, if 2017 is too rush for you, there are lots of auspicious dates in 2018 for you to choose from too!

Note: It’s best to avoid your zodiac sign and direction of clash when you choose your dates!


2018 Auspicious Dates for Getting Married

2018 January

Date Day Clash With Clashing Direction
2018-1-5 Fri Rabbit East
2018-1-6 Sat Dragon North
2018-1-7 Sun Snake West
2018-1-8 Mon Horse South
2018-1-9 Tue Sheep East
2018-1-12 Fri Dog South
2018-1-14 Sun Rat North
2018-1-15 Mon Ox West
2018-1-16 Tues Tiger South
2018-1-17 Wed Rabbit East
2018-1-19 Fri Snake West
2018-1-20 Sat Horse South
2018-1-25 Thu Pig East
2018-1-27 Sat Ox West
2018-1-28 Sun Tiger South
2018-1-29 Mon Rabbit East
2018-1-31 Wed Snake West



2018  February

Date Day Clash With Clashing Direction
2018-2-1 Thu Horse South
2018-2-5 Mon Dog South
2018-2-9 Fri Tiger South
2018-2-11 Sun Dragon North
2018-2-12 Mon Snake West
2018-2-14 Wed Sheep East
2018-2-16 Fri Rooster West
2018-2-18 Sun Pig East
2018-2-26 Mon Sheep East
2018-2-27 Tues Monkey North


2018 March

Date Day Clash With Clashing Direction
2018-3-6 Tues Rabbit East
2018-3-7 Wed Dragon North
2018-3-8 Thu Snake West
2018-3-11 Sun Monkey North
2018-3-12 Mon Rooster West
2018-3-13 Tue Dog South
2018-3-17 Sat Tiger South
2018-3-18 Sun Rabbit East
2018-3-20 Tue Snake West
2018-3-23 Fri Monkey North
2018-3-29 Thu Tiger South


2018 April

Date Day Clash With Clashing Direction
2018-4-1 Sun Snake West
2018-4-2 Mon Horse South
2018-4-4 Wed Monkey North
2018-4-10 Tue Tiger South
2018-4-11 Wed Rabit East
2018-4-13 Fri Snake West
2018-4-14 Sat Horse South
2018-4-15 Sun Sheep East
2018-4-17 Tue Rooster West
2018-4-19 Thu Pig East
2018-4-21 Sat Ox West
2018-4-24 Tue Dragon North
2018-4-27 Fri Sheep East
2018-4-29 Sun Rooster West


2018 May

Date Day Clash With Clashing Direction
2018-5-1 Tue Pig East
2018-5-2 Wed Rat North
2018-5-3 Thu Ox West
2018-5-4 Fri Tiger South
2018-5-5 Sat Rabbit East
2018-5-9 Wed Sheep East
2018-5-10 Thu Monkey North
2018-5-13 Sun Pig East
2018-5-16 Wed Tiger South
2018-5-17 Thu Rabbit East
2018-5-20 Sun Horse South
2018-5-21 Mon Sheep East


2018 June

Date Day Clash With Clashing Direction
2018-6-2 Sat Sheep East
2018-6-4 Mon Rooster West
2018-6-9 Sat Tiger South
2018-6-12 Tue Snake West
2018-6-13 Wed Horse South
2018-6-15 Fri Monkey North
2018-6-24 Sun Snake West
2018-6-25 Mon Horse South
2018-6-30 Sat Pig East


2018 July

Date Day Clash With Clashing Direction
2018-7-7 Sat Horse South
2018-7-8 Sun Sheep East
2018-7-13 Fri Rat North
2018-7-15 Sun Tiger South
2018-7-17 Tue Dragon North
2018-7-18 Wed Snake West
2018-7-19 Thu Horse South
2018-7-20 Fri Sheep East
2018-7-22 Sun Rooster West
2018-7-25 Wed Rat North
2018-7-31 Tue Horse South


2018 August

Date Day Clash With Clashing Direction
2018-8-7 Tue Ox West
2018-8-9 Thu Rabbit East
2018-8-11 Sat Snake West
2018-8-13 Mon Sheep East
2018-8-15 Wed Rooster West
2018-8-21 Tue Rabbit East
2018-8-23 Thu Snake West
2018-8-25 Sat Sheep East


2018 September

Date Day Clash With Clashing Direction
2018-9-2 Sun Rabbit East
2018-9-4 Tue Snake West
2018-9-6 Thu Sheep East
2018-9-11 Tue Rat North
2018-9-13 Thu Tiger South
2018-9-14 Fri Rabbit East
2018-9-16 Sun Snake West
2018-9-17 Mon Horse South
2018-9-19 Wed Monkey North
2018-9-21 Fri Dog South
2018-9-24 Mon Horse West
2018-9-28 Fri Snake West
2018-9-29 Sat Horse South


2018 October

Date Day Clash With Clashing Direction
2018-10-1 Mon Monkey North
2018-10-10 Wed Snake West
2018-10-12 Fri Sheep East
2018-10-15 Mon Dog South
2018-10-16 Tue Pig East
2018-10-20 Sat Rabbit East
2018-10-22 Mon Snake West
2018-10-23 Tue Horse South
2018-10-24 Wed Sheep East
2018-10-25 Thu Monkey North
2018-10-26 Fri Rooster West


2018 Novermber

Date Day Clash With Clashing Direction
2018-11-3 Sat Snake West
2018-11-9 Fri Pig East
2018-11-10 Sat Rat North
2018-11-11 Sun Ox West
2018-11-12 Mon Tiger South
2018-11-14 Wed Dragon North
2018-11-17 Sat Sheep East
2018-11-19 Mon Rooster West
2018-11-21 Wed Pig East
2018-11-23 Fri Ox West
2018-11-29 Thu Sheep East



2018 December

Date Day Clash With Clashing Direction
2018-12-5 Wed Ox West
2018-12-8 Sat Dragon North
2018-12-9 Sun Snake West
2018-12-10 Mon Horse South
2018-12-12 Wed Monkey North
2018-12-13 Thu Rooster West
2018-12-16 Sun Rat North
2018-12-18 Tue Tiger South
2018-12-21 Fri Snake West
2018-12-22 Sat Horse South
2018-12-24 Mon Monkey North


Here are some considerations that you may need to take note when it comes to choosing your wedding date:

1、Traditional Method

Wedding date is traditionally selected from a list of lucky days from the Chinese calendar. The 8th month of Lunar Calendar is the most popular month as round moon symbolize a “rounded” relationship. If you are looking at getting married in the 8th lunar month, do plan your wedding early!

The traditional custom taboo against getting married on the parents’ birth dates, couples’ zodiac sign clashing dates & months, 3rd/7th/9th Lunar month and San Niang Sa. For more detailed explanation, read our previous post: LINK



 2、Wedding Peak Period

Every wedding venue has its own peak period depending on different circumstances (weather, venue ambience, etc). If you would like to get married during the wedding peak period, do plan and book everything early, including your emcee, photographer, hotel, gown, etc. Else, if you don’t have enough time for planning, it is advisable to avoid wedding peak period to avoid any unnecessary pressure and reduce your wedding budget. You will not have to worry if your guests have already been “booked” by another wedding of their friends/family on the same day too.

You may also consider choosing a day that is normal to others, but significant and memorable to both of you, such as anniversary date.


3、Working Schedule

There are a lot of things that the couples have to handle and settle during wedding planning. To avoid affecting your working schedule, it’s best to select your wedding date after your working peak period or upon return of your outstation business trip. Not only you get to enjoy a peaceful honeymoon after your wedding, you would not run the risk of cancelling or postponing your wedding due to any unexpected working “surprise”.


4、Weather of the Day

With the uprising trend of outdoor wedding, such as garden wedding or beach wedding, it is also important to check the weather forecast beforehand.


After taking into the consideration above, you shall be above to narrow down the list of auspicious dates available and choose your perfect wedding day!


Translated from: 2018年结婚黄道吉日一览表~!!快把好日子挑起来吧!

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