2017 Auspicious Wedding Date to Get Married! Book Your Dates Before Your Dream Wedding Venue is Taken Up!

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The lunar year ahead will be an auspicious time to get married because it contains two days marking the start of spring, also called a “Double Spring” lunar year. This is a popular year for people to get married and hence, most popular wedding venues are fully booked months ahead. If you too, are looking at getting married in 2017, here’s the full list of auspicious dates on 2017 for your reference!

First of all, how should we choose our wedding dates?

Good for wedding:

1. Double Spring Year

The start of spring is always regarded as the beginning for everything that grows. To marry in a year of double spring means couples can enjoy ‘double happiness’ and be blessed with many children from their marriage. Thus, it’s generally a good year for marriage. Both 2017 and 2020 are Double Spring year.


2. Leap month

A year with a leap month has 13 months. It is generally believed that getting married in a year with leap month will bless the couple with love and harmony. There is a leap lunar month 6 in 2017 and leap lunar month 4 in 2010.


3. Double Spring year with Leap Month

Since both Double Spring year and a year with Leap month are good for getting married, 2017 is the most popular year of getting married according to the traditional Chinese wedding custom.




Choosing date: Which date is regarded as the “actual day”?

In today’s times, most people hold their engagement ceremony and wedding ceremony on different day. The ceremonies are separated on different day due to the dates allocated by the ROM office, while some choose to do so due to the time constraint of having both ceremonies on the same date. In this case, it’s best to choose an auspicious date for both of the ceremonies. The “actual day” is taken as day of the official wedding ceremony (when wedding procession and wedding banquet take place).


Choosing wedding date: based on birth dates of both parties

Some families  may take both the bride and groom’s birth dates to calculate the best wedding date. Another simplified method is to find a “lucky” date for wedding from the Chinese Farmer’s Calendar (黄历). Do remember to take note of your own zodiac sign’s luck on the day as well.


Choosing wedding date: based on the bride’s birth date

The traditional Chinese believed that male’s fate is determined at birth, while female’s fate is determined at marriage. Thus, wedding date is also chosen based on the bride’s birth date, before taking into consideration of the birth dates of the groom and other immediate family members. The believers of this method opine that disregarding this rule will lead to unhappiness (or even divorce) in a marriage, and the contrarian stands.


Not Suited for Wedding:

  1. Avoid Parents’ Birth Dates

In the traditional custom, parents’ birth dates are not suitable for getting married. The birth month itself is fine though.

  1. Avoid dates and months clashing with own zodiac sign

Check the clashing months before you choose your date.

    1. Avoid 3rd, 7th and 9th lunar month

3rd, 7th and 9th lunar month are usually months for QingMing, YuLanJie (Ghost Month) and ChongGong. These months are generally regarded as “Ghost Month” , hence, not suitable for wedding. Mid Autumn Festival, the day when the moon is at its fullest, is best for wedding celebration.

      1. Avoid San Niang Sha (三娘煞)

Legend has it that sometime long ago in ancient China, there is this stunningly beautiful girl named San Niang (三娘). She was hell-bent on getting married but for some reason or other, she offended the God of Marriages, Yue Lao who decided not to match-make her to anyone so she could not get married no matter what for the rest of her life. So angered, she swore bitter revenge and determined to cause trouble and break-up any new marriages she comes across. Thus the term San Niang Sha was born. It was later said, on days of San Niang Sha it is not auspicious for marriage. Every lunar month during the 3rd, 7th, 13th, 18th, 22nd and 27th, it is not suitable for marrying.


Of course, other than the customs above, it is also important to take in practical scenario into consideration, such as studying/working schedule, body condition (usually avoid menses period), parents’ opinion, etc. Generally, the lunar month of 6th, 8th and 9th are the peak wedding month in Chinese custom, thereby leading to higher pricing for wedding banquet. Thus, this shall also be taken into consideration of wedding budget in the selection of wedding dates. For those of you looking at these popular dates/ public holidays, do get ready early and book your venue to avoid any disappointment!


Herewith, we would like to share the auspicious wedding dates of each month in the year of 2017. (Save it or regret later!)


2017 Auspicious Wedding Dates

January 2017

Date Day Clash with
02-Jan-2017 Mon Goat
06-Jan-2017 Fri Boar
07-Jan-2017 Sat Rat
09-Jan-2017 Mon Tiger
15-Jan-2017 Sun Monkey
16-Jan-2017 Mon Rooster
18-Jan-2017 Wed Boar
23-Jan-2017 Mon Dragon
28-Jan-2017 Sat Rooster
29-Jan-2017 Sun Dog
31-Jan-2017 Tue Rat


February 2017

06-Feb-2017 Mon Horse
09-Feb-2017 Thu Rooster
12-Feb-2017 Sun Rat
13-Feb-2017 Mon Cow
18-Feb-2017 Sat Horse
24-Feb-2017 Fri Rat
25-Feb-2017 Sat Cow
27-Feb-2017 Mon Rabbit



02-Mar-2017 Thu Horse
05-Mar-2017 Sun Rooster
08-Mar-2017 Wed Rat
09-Mar-2017 Thu Cow
10-Mar-2017 Fri Tiger
15-Mar-2017 Wed Goat
20-Mar-2017 Mon Rat
21-Mar-2017 Tue Cow
24-Mar-2017 Fri Dragon
26-Mar-2017 Sun Horse
29-Mar-2017 Wed Rooster


April 2017

01-Apr-2017 Sat Rat
02-Apr-2017 Sun Cow
09-Apr-2017 Sun Monkey
12-Apr-2017 Wed Boar
13-Apr-2017 Thu Rat
21-Apr-2017 Fri Monkey
25-Apr-2017 Tue Rat


May 2017

03-May-2017 Wed Monkey
05-May-2017 Fri Dog
07-May-2017 Sun Rat
09-May-2017 Tue Tiger
11-May-2017 Thu Dragon
13-May-2017 Sat Horse
16-May-2017 Tue Rooster
17-May-2017 Wed Dog
19-May-2017 Fri Rat
20-May-2017 Sat Cow
23-May-2017 Tue Dragon
28-May-2017 Sun Rooster
31-May-2017 Wed Rat


June 2017

02-Jun-2017 Fri Tiger
03-Jun-2017 Sat Rabbit
04-Jun-2017 Sun Dragon
10-Jun-2017 Sat Dog
11-Jun-2017 Sun Boar
13-Jun-2017 Tue Cow
16-Jun-2017 Fri Dragon
19-Jun-2017 Mon Goat
23-Jun-2017 Fri Boar
25-Jun-2017 Sun Cow
26-Jun-2017 Mon Tiger
27-Jun-2017 Tue Rabbit


July 2017

01-Jul-2017 Sat Goat
04-Jul-2017 Tue Dog
07-Jul-2017 Fri Cow
09-Jul-2017 Sun Rabbit
10-Jul-2017 Mon Dragon
14-Jul-2017 Fri Monkey
15-Jul-2017 Sat Rooster
16-Jul-2017 Sun Dog
17-Jul-2017 Mon Boar
26-Jul-2017 Wed Monkey
29-Jul-2017 Sat Boar


August 2017

01-Aug-2017 Tue Tiger
02-Aug-2017 Wed Rabbit
03-Aug-2017 Thu Dragon
08-Aug-2017 Tue Rooster
10-Aug-2017 Thu Boar
11-Aug-2017 Fri Rat
13-Aug-2017 Sun Tiger
15-Aug-2017 Tue Dragon
17-Aug-2017 Thu Horse
21-Aug-2017 Mon Dog
22-Aug-2017 Tue Boar
23-Aug-2017 Wed Rat
24-Aug-2017 Thu Cow
25-Aug-2017 Fri Tiger
27 Aug 2017 Sun Dragon
29-Aug-2017 Tue Horse

September 2017

01-Sep-2017 Fri Rooster
03-Sep-2017 Sun Boar
04-Sep-2017 Mon Rat
05-Sep-2017 Tue Cow
06-Sep-2017 Wed Tiger
08-Sep-2017 Fri Dragon
14-Sep-2017 Thu Dog
15-Sep-2017 Fri Boar
20-Sep-2017 Wed Dragon
23-Sep-2017 Sat Goat
27-Sep-2017 Wed Boar
28-Sep-2017 Thu Rat
30-Sep-2017 Sat Tiger


October 2017

05-Oct-2017 Thu Goat
10-Oct-2017 Tue Rat
12-Oct-2017 Thu Tiger
13-Oct-2017 Fri Rabbit
19-Oct-2017 Thu Rooster
22-Oct-2017 Sun Rat
24-Oct-2017 Tue Tiger
26-Oct-2017 Thu Dragon


November 2017

02-Nov-2017 Thu Boar
03-Nov-2017 Fri Rat
05-Nov-2017 Sun Tiger
06-Nov-2017 Mon Rabbit
07-Nov-2017 Tue Dragon
09-Nov-2017 Thu Horse
12-Nov-2017 Sun Rooster
13-Nov-2017 Mon Dog
21-Nov-2017 Tue Horse
25-Nov-2017 Sat Dog
27-Nov-2017 Mon Rat


December 2017

01-Dec-2017 Fri Dragon
03-Dec-2017 Sun Horse
08-Dec-2017 Fri Boar
11-Dec-2017 Mon Tiger
19-Dec-2017 Tue Dog
20-Dec-2017 Wed Boar
28-Dec-2017 Thu Goat


Translated from: 2017年的结婚黄道吉日出炉啦~!!要结婚就要挑好日子!明年的婚礼场地会很抢手!!

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