One of the Best Snacks in Malaysia – Fuzhou Light Cake! Be ready to be Blown Away by its Taste!

Sitiawan - Fu Zhou Guang Bin

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Malaysia is a foodie’s heaven, and Malaysians are considered very fortunate people. During younger days, it is challenging to understand the uniqueness of Malaysian cuisine. However, after traveling to various countries in the later day and circling back to Malaysia, a long-lost passion for Malaysian food seemed to be rekindled. There are many choices of delicious food to pick from! Today, let us take a closer look at a local snack named Fuzhou light cake and see what makes this traditional snack so special.

This delicious snack is bound to be found wherever there are Fuzhou people. The Fuzhou light cake comes in a few distinct forms, which are: original flavor, salted and whether it consists of fillings or not. However, the light cake we are having now is made of slightly different ingredients than the original. Luckily, the traditional method of baking the cake in a charcoal oven is still practiced.

Interested to know what goes into this snack? Well, it is mainly made of flour, salt, and sugar. After forming the dough, it is separated into balls then shaped into round disc. Lastly, the center of each disc is punctured (alike a doughnut). The reason behind this is to allow soldiers of yesteryears to carry them around easily with a string tying it! After shaping the dough, it is placed in an old school charcoal oven. The baking masters then artfully remove each piece of dough from the oven quickly (letting us presume that after years of practice, their hands are used to the heat)! If a customer wanted one with fillings, the master would place a layer of onions and pork on the surface of the dough. While cooking, the heavier fillings will automatically sink into the dough, resulting in a different taste! Do not simply underestimate these cakes as rustic and unappealing! Trying one which is just fresh from the oven will have a crisp skin and soft flesh, with rich and aromatic fragrance reverberating inside your mouth! Just thinking about it made us hungry for some!

Oh, there is a background story behind this snack as well! Legend has it that the coastal regions of Fujian are always invaded by Japanese pirates. General Qi Jiguang then leads his army against the pirates. At that time to meet the needs of the army, they made this kind of perforated cake and strung it with salt water grass to serve as dry provisions. It is not only easy to carry but also easy to be eaten. And, it could avoid giving away smoke which could alert enemy troops. Later, this snack slowly spread and became popular among the locals.

In Sibu (also known as the Fujian province of Sabah), there are 89964 people, whereas, a total 209901 people was accounted for in Fuzhou-based on a 2010 survey. So, it is quite easy to find Fuzhou food. There is an article stating that a 15-year-old had developed this snack into a popular favorite by frying it in his own creative way. For those who could visit Sibu, do remember to give this snack a taste! It is remembered as the traditional food which endured the challenge of time since the migration of the Fuzhou people until this very day!

Here are a few well-known places in Fuzhou which sell the light cake. To friends who had not try this, it is simply a must-have!

1.曾家福州光饼 (Zengjia Fuzhou light cake)
12, Lorong Tok Perdana, Taman Tok Perdana, 32000 Sitiawan, Perak, Malaysia

2.成利饼家 (Chengli biscuit house)
22, Taman Mas, Kg Koh, 32000 Ipoh, Perak.

3.张家传统炭烧福州饼 (Zhang’s traditional charcoal burned Fuzhou cake)
1, Jalan Besar, Kampung Koh, 32000 Sitiawan, Perak.

4.昭华饼家福州土产中心 (Zhanghua native Fuzhou cake center)
181,Jln Seri Sentosa 1, Medan Seri Sentosa, 32400 Ayer Tawar, Perak.

5.诗巫中华路光饼 (Sibu Chinese Road Light Cake)
This address is unknown, do consult some of your Sibu friends!


After trying this snack, you might truly understand why it is lucky being a Malaysian!


Translated from: 马来西亚的美食之一,福州光饼!其貌不扬可是却味道惊人!

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