The 6 Specialty of Malaysian “CHAM” Drinks. Have you tried it all?

Malaysia Cham Drink

If you are someone who frequents coffee shop or enjoys “yumcha” session with your friends, I am sure you are not unfamiliar with the drink “Cham Peng”. But, if you think that the only “Cham” available is “Cham Peng”, there are more for you to learn about Malaysians’ creativity when it comes to drinks creation.

Living in a multi-cultured country, it’s not uncommon for us to mingle around  (= cham) with friends of different races.  Even when we communicate, we habitually combine three different languages into a single sentences when we speak.  That said, isn’t life too boring to not mix the drinks around (like how we do in life)? If you are a Malaysian, check out the 6 “Cham ” drinks below and let us know if you have tried it all! Uniquely available in Malaysia!

1. Cham Peng

This is a mixture of coffee and tea. And yes, if you think you can find this in Hong Kong too, try it out and compare both from Malaysia and Hong Kong! It definitely tastes different!

2. Neslo

If Cham Peng is the signature drink of Chinese coffee shop, Neslo would be the signature drink of Mamak shop! This is a mixture of Nescafe and Milo. As both are pretty heaty, remember to drink more water after having Neslo!

3. Hor Ka Sai

Not everyone may have heard of this drink or tasted this before. From the pronunciation of this drink, I doubt many can guess the meaning out of it. Hor Ka Sai is more popular in the Northern part of Perak (Taiping, Kuala Kurau & Kuala Sepetang). It is made by mixing Kopi O (black coffee) and Milo with the proportion of 2 to 8. There’s another less popular version called Sai Ka Hor, made by swapping Kopi O with tea.

4. Teh Peng Di

Teh Peng Di is more popular than Hor Ka Sai in the Kuala Kurau area. People who frequents western-styled cafe may relate this to drip coffee (as “Di” in Chinese means drip) but it’s not the same at all. Teh Peng Di is made by adding 10% of black coffee into the ready tea. There are also other versions like Horlick Di, Milo Di, Almond Di and so on . Try them all when you visit Kuala Kurau.

5. Soya Cincau

This is made by adding Cincau into Soya Drinks. With the addition of cincau into soya drinks, we Malaysians enjoy the chewy texture of cincau stripes and find it very refreshing. This is akin to the Malaysian version of Taiwanese Pearl Bubble Tea!

6. Three Colour Milk Tea

Originates from the East Malaysia, the Three Colour Milk Tea consists of three distinctively separated layers of gula apong syrup (bottom), evaporated milk (middle) and brewed black tea (top). Remember to stir your drink well beforehand or else it will be too sweet at the bottom. It is said that most coffee shops in Kuching serves Three Colour Milk Tea when you order “Teh C”. Though this drink is now commonly available in West Malaysia, the gula apong here is replaced with white sugar, caramel or gula melaka.

Other than the 6 “Cham” drinks above, there are also others unique cham drink available in different towns of Malaysia, such as Sa Bi (Nescafe + Kopi + Milo) and Two Two Ice  from Bukit Mertajam; terror ice from Bentong; Cincau White Coffee and White Coffee Ice Cream from Ipoh; Sugarcane Coconut Juice in Kuching and so on. In my hometown Kluang, there’s a unique Sugarcane Milk (Sugarcane + evaporated  milk) too!

What other specialty of “Cham” drinks have you tried before? Do share with us!


Translated from: 6种大马专属的CHAM饮料!!越cham越好喝的Malaysia Style,你是不是都有喝过?

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