Be good to yourself in the year of 2017 – Grab these cool stuff!

Be good to yourself

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[:en]In our life, we are often occupied with other people’s matters, say, what to buy for a friend’s bday; what to do when our partner is unhappy; when can we make time for hometown; and the list goes on and on. Very often, we get bogged up by all these matters that we forgot to love ourselves, and to spend time doing our favourite stuff. My dear, if you are reading this, do pause and give yourself a pat at the back. Promise me, that you will be better to yourself in 2017, alright?

1. Livework Lined Notebook

Chinese has a saying that “the best of a year starts with spring”. Hence, it is important to start planning your life from the start of the year. Prepare yourself for a balanced, well-organised life. Of course, a nicely designed notebook that makes you look good carrying it is a must! (makes you motivated to use your notebook wisely too!)

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2. Vase shaped aromatherapy essential oil

A simple yet stylish ceramic bottles with delicately crafted hand-made flowers design. This aromatherapy diffuser looks elegant and refined, making it a great household item to improve your quality of life. In the hustle and bustle of your daily life, aromatherapy is a great choice to relieve your stress, promote mood enhancement and improve your well-being.

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3. 925 Sterling Silver Swarovski Rose Gold Feather Necklace

Elegantly crafted in high quality 925 STERLING SILVER (fineness 925), this Bohemian-styled pendant necklace is durable enough to stand the test of time and high gloss polished. The use of SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS makes it an eye-catcher for any occasion, be it for leisure shopping or for work meeting. Girl, it is time to pet yourself!

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4. Korean duo color lipstick

Every girl’s secret weapon to bring out femininity in seconds! Being a very important part of female make up, different lip colour can bring out different temperament and characteristic of different girl. So girls, if you really want to be good to yourself, do consider this limited edition lipstick!

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5. Digital weighing scale

Loving yourself also means showing the best of yourself at all times. With this scale, you can record a variety of data about your body in your phone, keep track of your health status, assist you in building your ideal body shape and maintain your best body condition!

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6. Small Face Chain Watch With Matching Bracelet

A definitive balance between form and functionality presented through streamlined silhouette and aesthetic to give your ensemble a sleek statement. Styled in polished stainless steel accompanied by matching bracelet to give this watch its clockwork precision and luxurious elegance.

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7. Sweet body candice bralette

Though not visible from the outside, wearing high quality undergarment tends to make women feeling more confident subconsciously. More importantly, a good undergarment aids in body shaping and improve a woman’s well-being. When was the last time of you wearing such a nice set of undergarment?

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8. Cartoon design afternoon nap pillow with quilt

Super cute pillow set, a great daily necessities/decorative item for home, car and office use! Pst, it is also the best “punch bag” you can find in times of frustration, anger and unhappy moments!

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With the new year approaching, always remember to love yourself and cherish every moment in life! Check out here to see more items on improving efficiency and productivity for your daily life >>> link


Translated from: 致亲爱的自己:2017年对自己更好一点[:]

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