It’s the Horror Party of the Year! 25 Halloween Costume Ideas to Rock the Party!(Part 2)

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We heard your excitement from our previous sharing of 15 Halloween Costume Ideas. While there were many female costume ideas recommended in our previous sharing, we are now bringing in more costume ideas for our male readers! Let’s take a trip down to these terrifying costume ideas and tricks together!

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  1. Conjuring Costume

It doesn’t matter if you have no time for make-up, put on your mask and turn into valak in no time!


  1. Halloween Surgeon Outfit

You need an operation? Worry not about doctors being on leave, we have halloween doctors for you on this special day….


  1. The Reincarnation Devil

As a demon, you must use your point-and-click skills to find a reincarnated soul and return him to Hell. Your demonic powers include levitation and the operation of simple machinery while your creativity allows you to get to no limit of utter mischief. This Halloween, get ready to do EEEVVIIIILLLLL!


  1. Pharaoh Adult Costume

Pharaoh is the common title of the monarchs of ancient Egypt from the First Dynasty (c. 3150) until the Macedonian conquest in 305 BCE. The actual term “Pharaoh” was not used contemporaneously for a ruler until circa 1200 BCE. But now, who says Pharaoh can’t attend the Halloween party in the 21st centuries?


  1. Clown Adult Costume

How can you forget the Clown for a happy day like Halloween? Watch out, you never know if the Clown is coming to your party with full loads of balloons!


  1. Mario

If you have watched the Olympics closing of 2016, Mario jumped into a pipe in Japan before popping out in the Rio stadium. And now, he’s gonna pop out in your Halloween party!


  1. Zombie Costume

Have you not heard? The zombies from Train to Busan are out! And they are coming right to your Halloween party! Watch out for the bites!


  1. Wild Man Costume

Even the wild man is out of the jungle for Halloween, are you not coming out yet? Get into your Halloween costume and party now!


  1. Indiana Tribe Costume

The Indiana tribes, also the native american tribes, resides in the state of Indiana in the United States of America. Don’t you find that girls in these Indiana tribal wear charming?


  1. Chinese 12 Zodiac Costume

Still undecided on what to wear? Follow your zodiac year of born! You will definitely look cute in these zodiac costume!



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Wish you a fun-filled Halloween Day!

The above article is translated from: 一年一次的恐怖派对!25款万圣节装扮,让你High翻整个party! (下)

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