6 cute and simple Halloween lunch boxes which could excite your children in unimaginable ways!

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Japanese movies or animated shows often showcase the classic scene whereby Japanese mothers would get up early to prepare lunch boxes for their children. These lunch boxes are often meticulously prepared, with copious amounts of attention to detail. Some mothers even went a step further and prepared them in cartoonish forms to warm their children’s hearts while eating. This is also a trick used by the mothers to deal with their children’s picky eating habit

While Halloween falls on the end of this month, fret not if you are unable to plan a Halloween party for your children! By putting some effort into making these lunchboxes (or bento, as the Japanese call them) you could bring a smile on the face of your little ones!

1. Little ghosts shaped sushi


Adding some pink coloring or furikake ingredients (substitutable with tomato sauce if you can’t find any) would give a lovely pink shade to the rice. Then form a tear drop shape with the white rice using cling film. After forming the shape, remove the plastic then roll a layer of seaweed on the rice. The colored rice is then added to the tear drop shape and is cylindrically wrapped. Finish off by wrapping a final layer of seaweed onto the colored rice before cutting and decorating. Now, doesn’t it look more interesting than regular plain rice?

Recipe here: Little ghosts shaped sushi

2. Miniature Count Dracula and Frankenstein bento

You could decorate a rice ball with some seaweed with cute expressions. This would greatly enhance the appeal of said bento manifold. Since ripe pumpkins may soften after cooking; readers may give it a twist by using oranges instead of the leading role of every Halloween – pumpkin.

Recipe here: Youtube Video

3. Witch bento

By arranging some Udon noodles onto the witch’s face, it would give her flock of beautiful ‘hair’! The hat is made the same way as making sushi rolls. First by wrapping some rice with seaweed, then finished up by adding a small ring of cheese. You may add some mushroom strips wrapped with pre-cut crispy ham, thus resembling a witch’s broomstick. Doesn’t it look lovely?

Recipe here: Misslittlebento

4. Mummy shaped sandwiches

This uses the same ingredients as a regular sandwich, but with the addition of arranging cheese strips, butter, and ham. Then embellish with some seaweed, and there you have it! A simple, yet simply stunning mummy sandwich!

Recipe here: Mummy Bento

5. Skull shaped bento

Forming skulls are relatively easy too, especially alike those in the above illustration. Could you correctly guess it? That was made out of the quail eggs! After cutting the hard boiled quail egg into half and adding some tomato sauce, it could aesthetically satisfy the palate of your little ones.

Recipe here: Misslittlebento

6. Mario ghosts (referred to as ‘Boo’ buddies)

Those who grew up with the game of Mario would be no stranger to this design at all. After slicing a cherry tomato into half then decorating it with some cheese, and finally placing it gently atop a hard-boiled quail egg or fish ball, it becomes a cute little mushroom! For the extra likeliness, assemble some cut seaweed onto the quail egg as its face. This will certainly satisfy the palette of the little rascals!

Recipe here: Lemon Chicken Halloween Bento

Isn’t this bento simple and cute? Help your little ones celebrate a memorable Halloween by making some of these! Remember to share it with other parents as well!

Translated from: 这6款可爱又简单的万圣节便当,小朋友一定喜欢!

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