Tired of long queues? Use these smart tips to get your New Year shopping done in a jiffy!

Use these smart tips to get your New Year shopping done in a jiffy!

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, have you started your preparation shopping yet? At times, even shopping for the New Year doesn’t seem like a simple task anymore! During weekends, droves of people could be seen flocking to nearby shopping malls and finding a vacant parking lot would easily take up to half an hour! After selecting the items, you would be greeted with a queue of trolleys at the checkout counter. It simply made us feel drained just at the mere thought of it!

There is another way to avoid the massive queues at supermarkets (you could even save on petrol, with the recent price hike!). After some meticulous calculations, we found out that there are many similar offers online as well (and some with better deals)! There is a wide selection of Spring Festival goodies and gift boxes available on sale, which ships directly to your house! Not only does it save your time, but your energy as well!

Additionally, we are offering gift baskets, gift boxes, New Year cake, and various types of dried meat as well! Quickly head on over to Culture Guru online store to obtain the best deals!

Our website offers more than 46 different unique gift basket and gift boxes designs, all available for your picking! Other than that, we collaborated with YS hamper this year to present a series of exclusive and exquisite gift baskets. All the items in the basket are carefully selected as well. Our gift baskets let you express your heartfelt gratitude to your friends with ease. Whether you are planning to give one to your colleagues, superiors, or teachers, we always have one that is suitable!

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On the other hand, if your appetite is stirred up by the mouth-watering aroma of grilled meat from roadside stalls, a few clicks at our website could get a package ordered and delivered to your home. Yuan Zhen Xiang is a popular brand in Malaysia which originated from Muar and produced meats using a traditional recipe. Their products include quality grilled meat that is full of rich flavor and meat floss. It is a food that is an absolute must have. It is rich in nutrients, low in cholesterol, and does not contain any preservative such as sodium nitrate, do consume without worry!

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Our website also features a wide assortment Chinese New Year snacks as they are indispensable to the festival. There are 12 types of handmade snacks available for orders, including traditional pineapple tarts, Nyonya white Manji, classic almond biscuits, and the recent popular purple sweet potato cookies and others.

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After browsing through our specially selected New Year food choices, we offer customizable new year clothing as well! Bai Jia Jin Pin launched a unique series of family named T-shirts, and there are more than thirty types of new year greetings to match your surname too! Explore a fresh take to your new year family photo-shooting  while wearing these T-shirts!

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In addition to high-quality goods with a value for money, we strive to provide more for our customers by offering online customer support. If you have any questions in mind, do feel free to write to our representatives in the red chat box that is found below. Our staff would give you an immediate reply to assist you in your queries. Quick and instant!

There are myriads of benefits of shopping online, most notably you could save on travel expenditure and shop from the comforts of your own home! On the other hand, you could spend more quality time with your family! It is mind-bogglingly simple to use! Quickly drop us a visit and be sure to clear your Chinese New Year shopping list in no time!

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Translated from: 不用人挤人排长龙,聪明人都这么办年货!省下更多时间陪家人孩子!

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