Get yourself something different and unique for your house decoration this Chinese New Year!

CNY House Decoration

[:en]Spring cleaning and preparing Chinese New Year decoration for home is the moment of the year that I enjoy most. While this makes the perfect “excuse” for family to gather and do something for the home together, the sense of satisfaction when we see our house filling with nice decorations full of festive mood is just amazing. Oh wait, what if I tell you, rather than the same old wall stickers with a little variation in the wording every different year, you can actually find these few new and unique home decoration for Chinese New Year, would you be just as excited like I do?


1. 3D “家和万事兴” Acrylic Sticker

家和万事兴, a Chinese short phrase that means prosperity for a harmonious family. With mountain and plum tree coupled with the auspicious wording, this sticker set turns your wall into a beautiful painting. Such a landscape oriented wall sticker is pretty unique for Chinese New Year decoration. From far, it looks like a Chinese ink painting. According to the review of the buyers, this acrylic sticker requires large scale of pasting effort, making it fun for those who enjoy a sense of accomplishment from home decoration!

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2. CNY design Glass Sticker

The latest trend of Chinese New Year sticker in the mainland China area. Incorporating the traditional paper cutting art, the artistic engraving of papers with auspicious blessing words for Chinese New Year makes your house looks artsy with the festive mood.

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3. “福” ceramic decorative set

福 = happiness/blessings. This decorative set is made with high temperature ceramic and is glazed with shining bright colours, making it an eye-catching decorations for home. The word “福” also makes it best for CNY period, as if you are sending your blessings to all your home visitors.

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4. Large mahogany Chinese knot pendant

This large Chinese Knot pendant makes a very impressive appearance as a new year home ornament, be it for your living room, bedroom or balcony area. Fine crafted high quality mahogany material makes your house look luxurious and elegant. Definitely a must-have item for this Chinese New Year!

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5. 3D Acrylic Wall Sticker

Wall sticker made of crystal acrylic is not only unique for its 3D effect, but also its resistance to indoor humidity and its durability. The design of this wall sticker is not overly exaggerated, making it suitable to be used as a day-to-day home decoration. No worries about going through the trouble of taking it off after CNY!

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6. Calligraphy couplet red paper

Things are always best when we make our own DIY! For this Chinese New Year, why not get your hands on to write some meaningful words for your friends and relatives? Simply buy some red paper and ink will do! Not to miss out that the red paper nowadays are delicately designed with gold dragon embellishment! Grab yours now!

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7. Chinese traditional pendant lights

A mock out design of traditional pendant lights, this decorative lamp is a great representative of Chinese culture. A perfect choice to make the festive mood of new year decorations for your home!

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8. 3D”如意” with lantern wall sticker

Another eastern-styled yet elegant decorations you can have! 如意 here means as you wish, or your blessings will be granted. This is relatively smaller compared to the “家和万事兴” sticker above, hence this is very suitable for homes with smaller background wall!

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With Chinese New Year just near the corner, grab yours now before it’s too late! (pst, not to forget about the delivery time it takes to reach your house!) For more designs, check it out here: more designs here


Translated from: 别再买一成不变的卡片墙贴和黄梨吊饰了,农历新年就应该这样布置你家![:]

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