Feeling Lonely in 2017? Worry No More as We Bring You Tangerine Tossing this Lantern Festival!

Feeling Lonely in 2017? Worry No More as We Bring You Tangerine Tossing this Lantern Festival!

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After the worship of heaven, the Lunar New Year gradually reached to an end. Following this is the Lantern Festival. On this special day, people would enjoy sweet glutinous rice ball and dumpling while enjoying the display of festive lanterns. Some even spiced up the festival by placing riddles in the lanterns for the curious passersby to solve. In Malaysia, there are a romantic customs whereby hopeful bachelors would throw tangerines into the river. It was said that this activity originated from Penang. If you happen to ask any youngster of its origins, not many could give you an answer, all they know is, the Lantern festival is a great opportunity to find a good life companion.

During Chinese New Year, there is a wide variety of food available. Why not throwing foods such as New Year Cake or TangYuan? And, why would people want to throw tangerines not only on the last day of the Lunar New Year but also at night? The key concern is, why are the tangerines thrown by the ladies and boys are responsible in fishing them out? How could this even determine one’s soulmate at all?

Why choose tangerines in the first place?

There isn’t an explanation as to how this practice come into being. After some research, it begins approximately 50 years ago, Then, a factory manufacturing incense was built on some reclaimed land. On every Lantern Festival, some old employees at the factory will remind the rest to clear their altars of any remaining tangerines or bananas. Folks would normally place a different assortment of fruits on their altars as offerings. As tangerines from China would are relatively perishable and becomes dehydrated easily, these would be thrown away first.

More than 50 years ago, shipping had not developed yet, and storage equipment is not as advanced compared to today. On the last day of the Lunar New Year, tangerines would either become too dry or rotten, leaving the only available option is to dispose of them. Additionally, sticky cakes are not thrown away because it had a shelf-life of at least 3 to 6 months.

Why are tangerines thrown into the river or sea?

50 years ago, there was a lack of environmental consciousness. The government was lax about citizens throwing rubbish into the sea. So, the best way to dispose of rotten tangerines is by throwing them into the waters near the reclaimed land. It was not only the easiest and most direct method, but it would also follow the waves and quickly disappear.

At that time, if the lady is one who had yet to be married. She would certainly use any means possible to attract the attention of neighboring young men to strike up a conversation with them. Thus, in a poetic Lantern festival, the ladies would be the ones who arrive at the shores to throw tangerines.

Today, this act had become a highlight of the Lantern festival. It is also the best chance for men and women to unexpectedly meet and bond together. If your New Year’s resolution is to find a life partner, you could check out our link below for the available locations!


Translated from: 2017年想脱单不困难!今年元宵小编约你抛柑去~!

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