7 cheap spoof props to pull off an April Fool’s prank on your friends!


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With the passing of an age, does it feel like a long time had passed without celebrating April Fool’s Day? GiftGuru knows that most people are quite lazy to think of fresh tricks other than conjuring convincing stories about being pregnant or confessing your love to someone. Thus, we have specially selected a series of prank gifts to let you relive the April Fools of your childhood!

  1. Insect lollipops

When was the last time a friend had been treated to a delicious lollipop? With this April Fool’s day, it is the best time to show your friendly side once again by getting a few of our insect lollipops to give your timid friends a little surprise!

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  1. Condom wipes

Usually a conservative person? Quickly seize this golden opportunity on April Fool’s day to unleash your wild and sexy side! Boldly give this to your partner and show him your initiative to express…… that his mouth is still dirty after eating! Just what on earth were you thinking?

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  1. Cotton candy shaped like sanitary wipes

You might have seen cotton candy looking alike sanitary wipes, but have you seen one in such realistic packaging? Now is the time to care for your female friends!

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  1. Pepper/ Chili flavored lollipop

Here is another strange lollipop, it could be used to trick friends by challenging those who claimed to be afraid of spiciness and those not afraid of spiciness. The color of the lollipop could easily fool people who glanced at it into thinking that it should taste of strawberry or orange.

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  1. Witch finger biscuits

If you do not take a close look at it, you might not think it is edible! By putting it on the side of the table, near the bed, or even in the toilet, you would have definitely had an eventful April Fool’s Day! Those who are timid might get the fright of their lives when they turned on the lights at night.

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  1. Magical towel

It is the best gift for spoofing single men. The pretty female characters designed on the towel looked shy and are in the need of a towel!

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  1. Chili chocolates

Well, we certainly didn’t know that Lindt manufactures chili flavored chocolates as well! It seems Lindt is quite understanding of the needs of certain special occasions.

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With this, we are confident that you are armed with a lot of interesting recommendations. Do have fun with them band did we mention they are reasonably priced as well!

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