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From the very moment of waking up from sleep in the morning, the journey to work/school, the break time in between your busy schedule, and even your very own toilet time, we all can’t seem to part with our phone anymore. Somehow, leaving our phone at home makes us more uneasy than leaving our wallet at home. Since it’s something that we carry with almost 24/7, our mobile phone is also part of what makes our impression to others. Imagine a decent looking gentlemen using a phone with cover that is already dirty and yellowish, or a cover that is terribly scratched, or a cover with cute pictures that don’t match his age, how would this affect his first impression for others?

Thus, getting your phone a good cover is not only important as a protection against bumps, it’s also as important as the portrayal of our self-management. This is also why most people love to choose uniquely designed covers that best depict themselves. With this in mind, a Malaysian company recently launched a series of phone covers imprinted with different family surnames of the Chinese. Using the Chinese family surname as the main theme, the phone cover features sleek and sophisticated design with a twist of traditional Chinese heritage touch. Rather than customising your own phone cover (which could be very costly), this exquisitely designed phone cover is most personalised cover you can get in the open market.

Comes in two colours for the design, both beige and wine red colours are very well received. Available for more than 20 smart phone models, the phone cover is engineered with precision to perfectly fit even the least popular phone models on the market.

70 over surnames are currently available, and more surnames are upcoming in the coming weeks. As a showcase of Chinese surname legacy, this phone cover design looks edgy and nostalgic without a single bit of looking old/unattractive. Best of all, it suits everyone at all age groups!

Hard case with that comes with ultra shockproof and anti-slip side rubber design. Protect your phone’s frame from scratches, dirt, also protects from impact. It’s the best protection you ever need for your phone (especially if you’ve just bought a new phone!).

Talk about being a phone phubber at home? Can’t get your head away from your phone while waiting for food to be served during family dinner? This phone cover is the most “family-themed” design ever that shows how much your family means to you! Now even your parents may feel happy watching you holding your phone!

Lovely packaging design that complements the phone covers as a perfect gift for your parents/extended family members.

In this coming new year, get your phone a new makeover too! (Well, if you can’t afford a new phone, at least make it looks new?)

Order your family surname phone covers here: 百家精品网站

Translated from: 传承华人文化精髓,推出就被火爆抢购的手机壳你get了吗?

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