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Quick peek into the nominated characters for Malaysia Annual Selection of Chinese Characters 2016

Our suggestion box was officially closed on the 30th of September. What characters had our beloved readers suggest? Does it accurately reflect the hottest topics and latest trends of 2016 in Malaysia? Or, what other thoughts do you specifically have? We had specially chosen some characters which are close...

[Children’s Day Special] 15 Important Life Lessons We Can Learn from Winnie the Pooh

If you think cartoons are only for kids, I am here to tell you "uh-uh, not for me".  I am one of those who love watching cartoons regardless of my age. Since cartoons are meant as part of character development for kids, there are a lot of knowledge, life...

Mooncakes’ Origin: Mooncakes were “renamed” from a traditional local snack. Not a new creation?

Cover Image via: Google Sites We recently discovered that each Chinese festivals are simply unique! Every festival comes packaged with an exclusive type of food! For example, we have dried meat (bakgua) for Chinese New Year, dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival, and specially made glutinous rice balls when celebrating Winter...

10 Taboos during Chinese Ghost Month: Revealing the Truth behind the Words of the Old Folks about Taboos!

July is almost over, and the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar is almost upon us. Do you recall the taboos that the old folks always love to bring up? Even though most people these days do not believe much in spirits, but these taboos had survived the...