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Tracing back to the origins of Hainanese in Malaysia – here in Klang

Cover Image via: 新浪旅游 The Hainanese village in Klang (Bagan Hailam) was built in 1910 and have a long history. Sadly, not many are aware of this Hainanese village till today. This village first started off as a humble fishing village when Hokkien people from Hainan Island in China migrated to...

Harmony Street: Connecting Chinese Temple, Mosque and Indian Temple. The Real Testament to Satu Malaysia Spirit!

Cover Image: The Poor Traveler Harmony Street, a street name that may not be familiar to most. Yet, most Malacca locals would have known of its other name - Jalan Tukang Emas. Here, you can find the hundred-year old temple Cheng Hoon Teng, one of the most well-known tourist spot in...

Pudu Goldfish Street – The Nostalgic Times of Goldfish Scooping and Fish Fighting

Cover Image via: We Love Pudu Goldfish street, one of the special street in Pudu market, is the important part of childhood memory among Pudu or even Kuala Lumpur kids in the 70s and 80s. Sitting on the street, there are many fishes in transparent plastic bags being displayed at the aquarium...

All the Fascinating Caves you can find in Ipoh! Even the Famous Chinese Movie was filmed here!

Cover Image via: 澳門晚報 If you are taking the North-South Expressway heading towards Ipoh, you would notice rows upon rows of lush green mountains lining both sides of the road no matter which direction you are heading towards. Being a city surrounded by mountains, Ipoh is also regarded as "Little Guilin"...