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【K-Drama Fan】Why do people eat tofu when they come out of prison in Korea? Do not simply give tofu to Korean!

In Korean dramas, characters are always given tofu (beancurd) when they get out of police station, jail or prison. In the 3rd episode of one recent K-Drama "Doctors", Grandma brings some tofu from the refrigerator and feeds Hye-jung after she is released from the jail. What's that about, you...

Smashing Coconuts in the Indian Way: Why is Coconut so Important to the Indians?

Cover Image via: Liesl Diesel When discussing coconut trees, we are sure most of us had the same thought in mind: a tranquil beach with sapphire blue waters that mirrored the sky, accompanied by the shade of a nearby coconut tree. However, the coconut and its tree represent a deeper meaning...

12 Brutally Honest Images That Sum up How Technology Is Changing Our Lives!

Technology brings convenience to human’s lives and has changed human behavior. We used to hunt birds with a bow and arrow, which now we are hunting all the angry birds by slingshot with nut. Kids who should have running around are now each having their own tablet in hands....

8 common misconceptions about the capital of each country!! I bet you get it wrong too.

Cover Image via: buriednow – DeviantArt What? The capital of Japan is not Tokyo!? And New York is not the capital of America!? We are not pulling your leg! The capital of Japan isn’t Tokyo and neither is New York for America! We would not use unproven facts to pull wool over our...

A jewel that withstood the trials of time – Grocery Stores

Cover Image via: Ah Ying eh Blog The sight of an old grocery store that stood by the side of the busy roads is no stranger to those of us who were born prior to the 1990s. Most of these grocery stores locate themselves within closely knitted neighbourhoods; some a small...