The six fertility-boosting tips which you might miss!

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You have tried the methods like having active sex life, intercourse as close as possible to ovulation and regular medical check-up but none of them worked? Don’t get upset yet! Let’s learn more about these six fertility-boosting tips!

Fertility-boosting tip 1: Easy pregnancy pad

This method is well known in Taiwan and Hong Kong. “Hao yun mian” (好孕棉) is the new sanitary pad left unused by women because they get pregnant; it’s said that giving the pad to ladies who long for pregnancy will turn their dreams into reality. This saying is proved workable on Taiwanese reality show, “Kangsi Coming”. In one of the episode, a female guest shared the experience which her friend got pregnant after receiving hao yun mian from the female guest; she even gifted the pad to the acting host, Da S.

How to use easy hao yun mian:

  1. Keep it in a small packet and carry it everywhere in your bag just like an amulet
  2. Place it under the pillow when you are having sex
  3. Use it for your menstruation.

The pad which is gotten from women who get pregnant within the recent three months works the best! (PS:Don’t feel shy to ask for hao yun mian!)


Fertility-boosting tip 2: Touching pregnant belly

Why not try this widely known tradition if your friend is an expectant mother? It’s said that touching pregnant belly will bring the good luck to you!


Fertility-boosting tip 3: Boy rolling on bed

Similar to the reason of asking little boys to roll on the bridal bed on the first wedding night, this practice will bless the couple with fertility. So, you can ask kid which is within one year old to roll on your bed; however, if the kid poop or urinate on your bed, don’t get angry because it’s the sign of higher pregnancy possibility!


Fertility-boosting tip 4: Collect baby romper

The cotton gauze romper is newborn baby’s underwear. You can get it from your relatives or friends who have babies! Chris Ke, a Taiwanese actor mentioned in “Kangsi Coming” that the netizens were competing to buy her hao yun mian and baby rompers after her pregnancy!

Fertility-boosting tip 5: Stomach changing

The Chinese believe that eating pig’s stomach will change the infertile womb to a fertile one, which is a good blessing.

How to do: The wife’s family will choose an auspicious date to carry out the practice. The mother or female elders of the wife will bring the teapot which is filled by stewed stomach’s pig, in a chinese basket to the husband’s house and place it in on the bed. No talking is allowed throughout the process. Then, the couple will eat the pig’s stomach together which represents that the wife’s womb has been changed to a fertile one.

Origin: In the olden days, the wife will be looked down upon if she cannot give birth to boy, leading to an unhappy marriage. In order to help the wife conceive a boy, her family will follow the traditional practice; the pig’s stomach is kept in a teapot because teapot looks like male genital organs.

For the women who want baby boy, they will be fed with pig’s stomach dishes after the ten days since giving birth to baby girl. By practicing this custom, it is believed that their next baby will be a boy.


Fertility-boosting tip 6: Thread reply marathon

This method is popular on the Internet recently! A woman who got pregnant after a long time of preparation opened a thread on forum to share her experience of pregnancy preparation, hoping to share this luck with the others. The other women who want to conceive will reply the thread with comment like “I had gotten pregnant, the next one will be you!”. Ladies who want to have a baby, you might try this method out as well!

PS: Those who had found these methods effective, please let us know by commenting below the article! Then the other women who want to get pregnant can reply in the comment section and get the luck from you!

Hopefully the folk remedies can help you get pregnant as soon as possible!

Translated from: 结婚很久都没宝宝?你可能错过这6个“好孕”的机会了哦!

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