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Maori people is the inventor of tattoo which denotes social status!

Cover Image via: Bristol | Global Mobility Maoris are the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand. They have the mixed facial features of East Asian and Western, dark skin and strong body; I seem so petite standing beside them. It’s easy to differentiate Maori people among the others due to its...

Nostalgic Rooster Bowl – Sign of Prosperous and Frequent Prop in Stephen Chow’s Movie

Cover Image via: TANC 艺术新闻中文版 I believe most of us had seen rooster bowl before! It’s the porcelain bowl with illustration of lively black-tailed rooster, red peony flowers and green banana leaves. With a long standing history since its existence, rooster bowl is now slowly replaced by eating utensils with modern...

Tilapia: The common home-cooking dish for four different countries.

Cover Image via: Livable Future Malaysian foodies are familiar with tilapia; it’s not only highly accessible with a cheap price but it also tastes delicious, that’s why Tilapia becomes the common dish among Malaysians. But do you know where does it come from? Undoubtedly Tilapia comes from Africa but you might not...

Surprising facts about 3000-year-old chopsticks

Cover Image via: PChome新聞台 Chopsticks - the oldest eating utensils in today's times What’s the most used kitchen utensil in the world? Perhaps chopstick is the one if the answer is gotten based on race population. Other than China, Japan, and Korea, chopsticks had been spread to Southeast Asia countries like Vietnam,...

The absolute reasons why you must visit Mount Fuji once in a lifetime!

Cover Image via: Travelplanet Speaking of Japan, why does everyone intend to visit Mount Fuji whenever travel to Japan? Most of the people claim that, the biggest regret they have made during the Japan tour is that they have never visited Mount Fuji. So, why must we visit Mount Fuji when...

The six fertility-boosting tips which you might miss!

Cover Image via: Freepik You have tried the methods like having active sex life, intercourse as close as possible to ovulation and regular medical check-up but none of them worked? Don’t get upset yet! Let’s learn more about these six fertility-boosting tips! Fertility-boosting tip 1: Easy pregnancy pad This method is well known...