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25 Best Picks of Halloween Costume Ideas that will Make You Shine in the Party! (Part 1)

Cover Image via: Brevard Night Life The once-a-year Halloween festival is here again! Every year people would excitedly wear multicolored costumes with grotesque masks, milling about visiting their neighbors or friends for a "Trick or Treat". Every time your eyes caught a stranger wearing a realistically spine-chilling costume, don't you wish that you too...

It’s the Horror Party of the Year! 25 Halloween Costume Ideas to Rock the Party!(Part 2)

Cover Image via: Metro Lyrics We heard your excitement from our previous sharing of 15 Halloween Costume Ideas. While there were many female costume ideas recommended in our previous sharing, we are now bringing in more costume ideas for our male readers! Let's take a trip down to these terrifying costume...

[Children’s Day Special] 15 Important Life Lessons We Can Learn from Winnie the Pooh

If you think cartoons are only for kids, I am here to tell you "uh-uh, not for me".  I am one of those who love watching cartoons regardless of my age. Since cartoons are meant as part of character development for kids, there are a lot of knowledge, life...

6 cute and simple Halloween lunch boxes which could excite your children in unimaginable ways!

Japanese movies or animated shows often showcase the classic scene whereby Japanese mothers would get up early to prepare lunch boxes for their children. These lunch boxes are often meticulously prepared, with copious amounts of attention to detail. Some mothers even went a step further and prepared them in...

Game ideas for your perfect Halloween party!

Traditionally the Europeans believed that Halloween is the time when the netherworld is the nearest to human world; this belief is sort of similar to chinese Hungry Ghost Festival which takes place in the seventh month of lunisolar calendar. However, Hungry Ghost Festival is filled with nerve-racking and scary...