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Things to do during Mid-Autumn Festival (Other than Eating Mooncakes & Moon Gazing!)

The mid-autumn festival goes by many names such as the moon festival, autumn festival, mooncake festival, or reunion festival. It is a popular cultural festival enjoyed by many in China. The roots of this festival stem from the start of the Tang dynasty and later prospered during the Song Dynasty....

Taboos to avoid during Mid-Autumn Festival, especially if you have a weak body!

Cover Image via: Meetup The mid-Autumn festival is the second largest traditional festival celebrated by the Chinese after Chinese New Year. Since the olden days, people had used the chance during the festival to get together. This is a festival with long history with many customs and taboos.  So, what are the...

Mooncakes’ Origin: Mooncakes were “renamed” from a traditional local snack. Not a new creation?

Cover Image via: Google Sites We recently discovered that each Chinese festivals are simply unique! Every festival comes packaged with an exclusive type of food! For example, we have dried meat (bakgua) for Chinese New Year, dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival, and specially made glutinous rice balls when celebrating Winter...

Mid-Autumn Festival was originally the time to pray to the goddess of the moon, for beauty, love and family harmony.

Cover Image via: 黑板报吧 These days, the Chinese celebrates the mid-autumn festival in an exuberant manner, simply because it is one of the widest celebrated festivals. In China, how did this festival come into being? A simple way of explaining is this festival somehow relates with the prayers and sacrifices done...

The 3 Most Touching Merdeka Ads of the Year that You Can’t Miss!

831 is a very important date for all Malaysians. Moving into our 59th anniversary of independence, this year, we will be retaining "Sehati, Sejiwa" (One Heart, One Soul) as the theme of our National Day and Malaysian Day. Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak said...