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Why are there so many variations of prayers during the ghost festival and what are these prayers for?

Cover Image via: Sanne Tea At the 15th day of July each year, it is Festival of Dead Spirits or commonly known as the Ghost Festival. According to Taoists, this festival is commonly referred named as the mid of July. Legend says the release of all ghosts from the governance of...

20 Must-Know Taboos during the Chinese Ghost Festival

It is said in Chinese legends that the ‘Gates of Hell’ open during the middle of July. If you want to avoid spirits at all costs, kindly stay away from these 20 taboos! During the seventh month of the lunar calendar, mothers often panic and warn their children against staying late...

10 Taboos during Chinese Ghost Month: Revealing the Truth behind the Words of the Old Folks about Taboos!

July is almost over, and the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar is almost upon us. Do you recall the taboos that the old folks always love to bring up? Even though most people these days do not believe much in spirits, but these taboos had survived the...

How not to be haunted by the weekly demon: Monday blue

Cover Image via: Instagram If you think that ghosts are only released in the 7th lunar month, you are definitely unaware of the evil demon that haunts us every week. Yes, you heard me right, EVERY WEEK. Generally known to come in "blue" in the day time, I usually called it...

Best gift items for Chinese Valentine’s Day

In the recent years, traditional festivals are slowing regaining popularity. Falls on the 7th day of 7th Lunar month, Qixi (Chinese Valentine's) is one of the most awaited festivals especially among the couples. For the singles out there, don't shy away. This is also the day for you to...